Public meeting tomorrow

Those of you who live in or around Logan Square: I will be speaking about the need to allow more housing to slow rising rents and displacement in the neighborhood at a public meeting tomorrow about a proposed housing development across the street from the California Blue Line stop. If you’re around, and you want to make your voice heard, please come by! It’s tomorrow, Thursday, at 6:30 at Candela restaurant, Milwaukee and Sacramento.

I will also, of course, be doing my own demographic survey of the room and reporting the results tomorrow.

PS – Part two of the Humboldt Park/Jose Lopez response will come tomorrow. Delayed by working on this.

8 thoughts on “Public meeting tomorrow

  1. Great. I’m so pleased to hear that you will be there, providing what I think we can rest assured will be intelligent, eloquent support of dense, pedestrian-friendly projects like this one. I hope to see you there (depends on how early I can get home from work), but I already emailed in my support of the project to the Alderman’s chief-of-staff, which read like this:

    “The proliferation of such developments is a rare true win-win, in that it will simultaneously benefit surrounding property values (in the near term), lower housing costs (in the long term), encourage the growth of new businesses, and encourage car-free lifestyles (the social benefits of which are too numerous to mention, but include better health, reduced pollution and reduced dependency on fossil fuels, to name just a few). The vocal minority who oppose such developments because they are afraid it will make it harder for them to park are being greedy and shortsighted, in my opinion.”

      1. Well, sadly, I didn’t make it–right after parking on Sacramento, I sprained my ankle and had to get back in my car leave.

        I’m really quite bummed I didn’t make it, because the coverage of the event that I read over at CAB makes it sound like we were definitely in the minority. I was particularly dismayed–though not surprised–to read about other participants essentially dismissing the implications of your census data out of hand. This development is exactly what the neighborhood needs, and I’m so afraid it will just be neutered if all Moreno hears is a chorus of whining NIMBYs.

  2. Also, I received this reply from the Alderman’s office, to the email I wrote in support of the development:

    “Based on the extensive feedback received at yesterday’s community meeting, we anticipate that the developer will come back with a revised, scaled-down proposal for the site.
    If and when we receive a modified proposal, we will have another round of community review and input on it.​”

    Disappointing… not surprising.

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