This blog, and all the people I’ve met through it, have been an unexpected highlight of my year. Thanks, everyone. I’ve included a few of my favorite posts and articles below, in case you want to get on top of your 2014 blog reading nostalgia early.

Happy new year.


Ten Posts

February 24: “Why Is Urbanism So White?”

March 21: “Chicago’s Housing Market Is Broken”

March 31: “Watch Chicago’s Middle Class Vanish Before Your Very Eyes”

April 14: “How Segregated Is New York City?”

August 5: “Things That Are True About Crime in Chicago”

August 8: “The Dignity of Fifth Graders”

August 25: “The South Side: Not Actually an Unmitigated Sea of Misery”

September 18: “Nationalize Manhattan”

October 21: “Buses: They Don’t Have to Suck”

December 5: “Chicago’s Growing Income Donut”


Six Articles

February 20, CityLab: “Blame Overbearing Government for Gentrification, Not Just Neoliberalism”

April 23, CityLab: “There’s Basically No Way Not To Be a Gentrifier”

August 13, Washington Post: “One of the Best Ways to Fight Inequality in Cities: Zoning”

October 20, Next City: “How Metra’s New 30 Year Plan Could Reshape Chicago Regional Rail”

November 20, Washington Post: “Urban Neighborhoods Are Getting More Diverse. But What Are They Losing?

December 12, Next City: “Chicago Rethinks Rules for Affordable Housing”

4 thoughts on “2014

  1. Almost everything has been great. Keep up the good work. Top 5 of this year, in no particular order:

    No, really, it’s about supply
    The dignity of fifth-graders
    Excerpts from “The Formation of American Local Governments”, by Nancy Burns
    Height can be deceptive: when 15 = 4
    “Don’t let anyone else in”

  2. Thanks for this list, I missed a few of these the first time around. This has become one of my favorite blogs – looking forward to your perspective in the new year.

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